この他にも、尺度の単位、電気、 エンジニアリング部品、化学式/官能基の省略形が用いられていますが、1998年以降使用されなくなりました。

省略形 フルスペル
addn. / addns. addition(s)
admin. administration
appts. apparatus
aq. aqueous
amt. / amts. amount(s)
atmos. atmosphere
b.pt. boiling point
coefft. / coeffts. coefficient(s)
compsn. / compsns. composition(s)
cpd. / cpds. compound(s)
conc. concentrated
concn. / concns. concentration(s)
contg. containing
cont. continuation
c.i.p. continuation in part
corresp corresponding
deg. degrees
deriv. / derivs. derivative(s)
determn. determination
dia. diameter
dil dilute
distn. distillation
div.ex divided out of
equiv. / equivs. equivalent(s)
esp. especially
evapn. evaporation
extn. extraction
e.g. for example
mole. / moles. gram molecule(s)
gp. / gps. group(s)
insol. insoluble
liq. liquid
mfr. manufacture
mfd. manufactured
mfg. manufacturing
max. maximum
m.pt. melting point
min. minimum
mixt. / mixts. mixture(s)
mol. / mols. molecule(s)
obtd. obtained
opt. optionally
oxidn. oxidation
partic. particularly
pts.wt. parts by weight
ppm. parts per million
ppte. / pptes. precipitate(s)
pptd. precipitated
pptn precipitation
pref. preferably
prefd. preferred
prepn. preparation
prepd. prepared
prim. primary
prod. / prods. product(s)
prodn. production
purificn. purification
quat. quaternary
redn. reduction
satd. saturated
sec. secondary
sepd. separated
sepg. separating
sepn. separation
soln. / solns. solution(s)
substit. / substits. substituent(s)
substd. substituted
temp. / temps. temperature(s)
tert. tertiary
i.e. that is
vol. volume
wt. weight
w.r.t. with respect to